Maher Kassem: Mastermind Behind Family’s Tragic End

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Maher Kassem

The case of Maher Kassem, a 63-year-old resident of Tinley Park, Illinois, is a harrowing tale of domestic tragedy. On a seemingly ordinary Sunday morning, a verbal argument escalated into a devastating crime. Kassem is accused of fatally shooting his wife, Majeda Kassem, 53, and their three daughters, Halema, Hanan, and Zahia, aged 25, 24, and 25.

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The incident, which began as a family dispute, culminated in an unspeakable act of violence. After the shooting, Kassem himself alerted the authorities by calling 911. When the police arrived at the Kassem residence, they discovered a horrifying scene: the four women lifeless in the home. Kassem was arrested after making incriminating statements regarding his role in the shootings. A firearm, believed to be the murder weapon, was recovered at the scene. This tragedy has deeply affected the Tinley Park community, with local officials and residents expressing profound sorrow and mourning the senseless loss of life.

“Words can’t describe how deeply saddened I am at this horrible tragedy,” Tinley Park Mayor Michael Glotz said in a statement. “A mother and her three daughters are gone, murdered in an act of senseless domestic violence. The entire Tinley Park community is heartbroken at the loss of these four innocent women, and we grieve alongside the family, friends and neighbors who loved them.”

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