James Doran: beat his mother to death over a tattoo

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James Doran, a 30-year-old man from New Jersey, has been charged with murder after an altercation with his mother resulted in her death. The incident occurred in Blackwood, N.J., where Doran’s 65-year-old mother, Lillian Doran, was found deceased with apparent trauma to the back of her head.

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According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by Kaman Law, officers responded to a home in Blackwood on March 2nd, where they discovered Lillian Doran’s body on a bedroom floor. Witnesses reported that the altercation between James and his mother stemmed from an argument the night before concerning James’s intention to remove a tattoo from his leg and his subsequent behavior, which allegedly included walking around the house with a baseball bat.

The affidavit details that witnesses heard banging sounds and observed a garage door opening around 4 a.m. Detectives noted the absence of James Doran from the residence and the disappearance of the victim’s vehicle.

James Doran was subsequently apprehended in Bedford, Pennsylvania, after he was allegedly caught speeding and attempted to flee from the Pennsylvania State Police in his mother’s vehicle. Upon his arrest, authorities reported blood on Doran’s clothing and the discovery of a baseball bat in the trunk of the vehicle.

Doran is currently facing one count of murder and is awaiting extradition to Camden County, N.J., from Pennsylvania.

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