How to call Dupage County Jail for Criminal Cases?

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How to call Dupage County Jail for Criminal Cases

Communicating with the DuPage County Jail in Illinois, especially regarding criminal cases, requires a specific approach. Whether you’re trying to reach out to an inmate, inquire about a case, or understand the jail’s communication protocols, this guide provides essential information to assist you effectively.

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Understanding the Inmate Phone System

DuPage County Jail employs GTL Connect Network (Viapath Technologies) for inmate communication. Here’s how you can connect:

  • Advance Pay: Prepay for your inmate to call you.
  • Pin Debit: Fund the inmate’s commissary account for calls.
  • Voicemail: Leave messages without direct contact with the facility.

Remember, all conversations are recorded and can be used in legal proceedings, so it’s critical to avoid discussing sensitive legal matters over these calls​​.

Direct Contact with DuPage County Jail

For inquiries related to booking, bond, or visitation, use these contact numbers:

  • Booking & Bond Info: (630) 407-2255
  • Visiting Info: (630) 407-2283

These lines are operational around the clock, offering assistance with various inquiries​​.

To look up criminal cases in DuPage County:

  • Use the DuPage County Circuit Clerk’s online case search.
  • You’ll need the case number or the individual’s name and birthdate.
  • This tool provides case status, court dates, and event records but might not include sensitive details.

For complex cases or detailed information, consulting with a criminal defense attorney is advisable​​.


Contacting DuPage County Jail and managing communication for criminal cases requires careful consideration of the available tools and understanding of the jail’s protocols. Whether you’re supporting an inmate or following up on a case, these guidelines will help navigate the process smoothly. For more detailed information and assistance, it’s recommended to reach out directly to the jail or consult legal professionals.

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