Full version of the rhyme “First the worst second the best…”

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The rhyme “First the worst, second the best…” is a traditional children’s playground chant, often used to determine the ranking or value of things, especially in games. The full version of the rhyme can vary by region and personal experience, but a common version goes like this:

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First the worst,
Second the best,
Third the one with the hairy chest (or treasure chest),
Fourth the one with the polka dot dress,
Fifth the one with the hairy legs (or golden eagle),
Sixth the one with the happy smile,
Seventh the one with the style,
Eighth the one who's always late,
Ninth the one with the scruffy hair,
Tenth the one who shouts, "All fair!"

Some other variations of this rhyme

zero the hero

first the worst

second the best

third the one with the hairy chest

fourth the one with the golden gun

fifth the one with the monkey bum

sixth the king

seventh the queen,

eighth the one stuck in the washing machine.

ninth the one with the golden eagle

tenth the ghost climbing a lamppost

1st worst,

2nd the best,

3rd is the one with the hairy chest,

4th the King,

5th the Queen,

6th the one in the washing machine,

7th the angel,

8th the ghost,

9th the one who thinks they re the worst,

10th is ace,

11th wins the race,

and 12th is the one with the frilly lace!

Above are some variations of this rhyme, hope you enjoy.

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