Fatiha Sabrin, 11, died because of her neighbors’ irresponsibility

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In the heart of London, a tragic tale unfolded, casting a shadow over a vibrant community. It began in the bustling neighborhood where 11-year-old Fatiha Sabrin lived, a young girl full of dreams and laughter. However, her life was abruptly cut short under the most unusual and heartbreaking circumstances.

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Just below Fatiha’s home, her neighbor, 33-year-old Jesmin Akter, faced a common urban plight: bedbugs. Desperate for a solution, Akter sought an unorthodox method, importing a substance all the way from Italy. But this was no ordinary insecticide. It was aluminum phosphide, a substance so potent and hazardous it required special licensing – which Akter did not possess.

aluminum phosphide

In November 2021, Akter, unaware of the impending disaster, used the aluminum phosphide in her apartment. The chemical, designed to react with moisture, did just that, creating a lethal gas named phosphine. Unseen and silent, the gas crept through the building, making its way into Fatiha’s apartment above.

The effect was swift and devastating. Fatiha, the innocent girl upstairs, succumbed to the toxic fumes. On December 11, 2021, she went into cardiac arrest and, despite the efforts of medical professionals, tragically passed away in the hospital.

The consequences of Akter’s actions soon came to light. Charged with manslaughter and the illegal importation of a regulated substance, she stood before the court, her face etched with the weight of the incident. Reports from The Times and The Telegraph painted a grim picture of the events, revealing that Akter had used three times the recommended amount of the dangerous pellets.

In a twist of fate, it emerged that on that fateful night, Akter had sensed danger and evacuated her own family from the building, unaware that her actions had already set a tragic chain of events into motion.

The British Pest Control Association released a statement, highlighting the dangers of such reckless actions. Meanwhile, the community reeled from the loss of young Fatiha, a life taken too soon by an act born of desperation and negligence.

As the legal proceedings progressed, with Akter firmly denying the charges, the case was scheduled for a three-week trial, set to begin on July 1. The neighborhood, once bustling with the sounds of everyday life, now echoed with the solemn whispers of a tragedy that had shaken its very foundation.

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