Elon Musk Refutes Illegal Drug Use Allegations

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Elon Musk Refutes Illegal Drug Use Allegations

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Elon Musk allegedly used substances like LSD, cocaine, and ecstasy. This report raised concerns among executives at SpaceX and Tesla about its potential impact on the companies.

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Musk’s Response and Evidence

Elon Musk has categorically denied these allegations. He emphasized that random drug tests conducted over a three-year period have shown no traces of drugs or alcohol. His attorney also confirmed that Musk has never failed any drug test at SpaceX.

The Impact on SpaceX and Tesla

The allegations, if proven true, could have significant implications for SpaceX, especially concerning its government contracts and thousands of jobs. However, with Musk’s denial and the backing of drug test results, these concerns might be mitigated.

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