eBay Agrees to $3M Settlement After Shocking Employee-Driven Harassment Incident

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In a startling turn of events, eBay Inc. has consented to pay a $3 million fine to settle criminal charges stemming from a bizarre and disturbing harassment campaign. This campaign targeted David and Ina Steiner, a Massachusetts couple known for producing the newsletter EcommerceBytes, which had been critical of eBay’s practices.

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Background of the Case

The Steiners found themselves at the center of a relentless and terrifying harassment campaign. This included the delivery of live spiders and cockroaches, a funeral wreath, and a book on surviving the loss of a spouse to their home. These alarming acts were reportedly a response to articles published in their newsletter that displeased eBay executives.

The Harassment Campaign Details

The harassment campaign against David and Ina Steiner was not only peculiar but also deeply disturbing, initiated by eBay employees in 2019. The Steiners, who produced the newsletter EcommerceBytes, found themselves targets due to their coverage of eBay’s business practices, which apparently displeased some of the company’s executives.

This campaign was meticulously planned and executed. It involved sending live spiders and cockroaches to the Steiners’ home, a tactic that was both grotesque and intimidating. But the harassment did not stop at this. The couple also received a funeral wreath and a book about surviving the loss of a spouse, which were not just distressing but also carried morbid implications.

In a more invasive and terrifying turn of events, the Steiners’ home address was posted online. This action led to announcements inviting strangers to yard sales and parties at their residence, a clear invasion of their privacy and safety. Such acts are indicative of a well-orchestrated attempt to intimidate and terrorize the couple.

What’s even more alarming is the calculated nature of this campaign. It started soon after Mrs. Steiner wrote an article about a lawsuit involving eBay and Amazon, indicating a direct retaliation from the company. This series of events led to the involvement of law enforcement and subsequent legal actions against eBay and its employees.

The extent and nature of this harassment campaign reflect a shocking misuse of power by individuals within a corporate structure. It raises serious concerns about the lengths to which some employees might go to protect their company’s image or retaliate against perceived criticism. The case against eBay and the resulting settlement underscores the need for ethical conduct and accountability within corporate environments.

eBay faced several charges, including stalking and obstruction of justice. In response to these charges, the company admitted to its misconduct. eBay also agreed to comply with legal requirements, including appointing an independent corporate compliance monitor for the next three years. eBay’s CEO, Jamie Iannone, publicly acknowledged the wrongdoing and expressed the company’s commitment to maintaining high ethical standards and rectifying the situation with the Steiners​.

Sentencing of Involved Employees

Several former eBay employees were implicated in this harassment campaign. Jim Baugh, the former senior director of safety and security at eBay, was among those who pleaded guilty and was sentenced in 2022 to almost five years in prison. Another former executive, David Harville, received a two-year sentence. Notably, Devin Wenig, eBay’s CEO at the time the harassment began, was not criminally charged and has denied knowledge of the campaign​.

Impact and Reactions

This incident has significantly impacted eBay’s public image and raised serious concerns about corporate ethics. The Steiners, still grappling with the ordeal, have an ongoing lawsuit against eBay, set for trial in March 2025. They have expressed a strong commitment to ensuring that no corporation feels empowered to suppress individuals’ First Amendment rights in such a manner again.


This case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of corporate responsibility and the potential consequences of unethical employee behavior. eBay’s agreement to the $3 million settlement marks a significant acknowledgment of wrongdoing and a commitment to better corporate practices moving forward. As the Steiners’ lawsuit continues, it will be crucial to observe how eBay and other corporations adapt their internal policies to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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