Criminal Defense

DUI, DWI, Domestic Violence, Assault, Battery, Larceny, Rape, Arson, While Collar Crimes, Securities Crimes, and Homicides.

Criminal defense lawyers know that not much in life is more humiliating or dehumanizing than to be accused of a crime or worse be arrested for it. In fact most people do not understand how frightening the whole experience is until they themselves have been incarcerated.

Even an overnight stay on a DUI charge shows most people a world they never wanted to see.

My first priority, as a criminal lawyer, is to get you out of jail pending resolution of your case, whether that be through bail or supervised release programs. If the Kaman Law Firm cannot obtain your release then I insure that I will visit you regularly in jail while you are awaiting trial, not just for the comfort of human contact, but so you can participate in the defense of your criminal case.

The Kaman Law Firm knows the law and I promise that I will know the law applicable to your case better than anyone else in the courtroom. I use private investigators that will smoke out every possible defense you might assert. I fight fearlessly the most ruthless DA’s as well as the most unforgiving judges.

I hope you never have to use our criminal defense services. But if you do, rest assured, I can help.

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